Sierra Ford

Album Cover

typography and image design

March 2020

Each album title and artist name was generated by a random quote generator and a random Wikipedia site generator. Solving the typographical issue of fitting a large amount of content into a small space in a clean manner was solved in the image to the right. Having the long ‘artist name’ smaller than, yet above the album title gives this composition a mixed sense of hierarchy that is common in album designs; specifically covers of the indie genre which this design was made for. This design was made for digital and print purposes with the image (sourced from unsplash) used as a textured among the printed assets.


The floral design was generated in the same way with the image also sourced from unsplash. This design was made accessible for many formats, giving it rules for different orientations. The colorful, circular design serves as a logo that can be recognized in many sizes, solving the issue and concern of having too many versions of the same design.