Sierra Ford


a collection of stories from normal people

research project & magazine design

May 2022

Coming from my own experience, I was called “weird”, “annoying”, and “fat” for most of my childhood. I have since grown to learn to love and accept those parts of myself; instead of fat, I see myself as curvy, instead of annoying, I have found people who care about what I have to say, and instead of weird, I see myself as unique. I’ve started to embrace the parts of my personality that others may not like. Weird is a project exploring insecurities and the process of coming to terms with them. In this three part book, two parts woven together to share stories and statements from individuals who trusted me with their most authentic selves. Through expressive typography, collage, and book design, responses from individuals show that being different is normal. These designs are translated to posters where the two can be directly compared, uncovering the bigger picture. I hope you are able to understand where we come from and relate and see that you are ready to show the world your truth, your beauty, your weird.

The Process