Sierra Ford

Isle Royale

National parks campaign

illustration & product design

May 2020

The Isle Royale National Park campaign was designed to encourage visits to the island located just north of Michigan. Before designing, it was important to research the park, their mission, their environment, the animals and plant life, reviews from travelers and how they navigated the park, and other various data that might be useful in understanding the environment that the park provides to its visitors.

With research into the animal and plant life, I found a fluctuating population of wolves and deer. The park has a huge problem with this, when the population of wolves increases, the population of deer decreases, and vice versa. On the map, both animals and plants are placed in a spot that they are most likely to inhabit.

Transportation is an incredibly important aspect to Isle Royale. As this park is located on an island, the only way to get there is by either ferry or passenger plane. The stamps designed are representative of each transportation device, giving a real-life touch to the most important assets to the visitors of this park.